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Office Table Leather Mat with high quality finish


Are you worried of your beautiful glass desktop or wooden desktop will be scratched during use the mouse, keyboard or other things?

Are you tired of the mess of your working desk?

Are you feeling Uncomfortable when you write on the desk?

If you have these problems, our desk covers provide good choices for you!
Desk Pads are made of heavy-duty, durable PU leather, protect your desktop from laptop, keyboard, mouse or other things
Waterproof surface, if you accidentally spill something on the table mat, it can be easily wiped with paper or towels
Double sides with different colors are available to use, because of friction it stays in place and does not slide around
Soft surface provides nice tactile feel, along with non-glare surface enables smoother writing
It has no unpleasant smell, come with roll flat and not folded, with a tie, which you can take it to anywhere easily
This protective mat is large enough to organised your Laptop, keyboard, mouse, sketchbook or journal, no more mess!


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