Engraved Stethoscope

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In the medical, industrial and aerospace industries the highest level of précised laser marking and laser engraving is required and E-mart Lahore meets those requirements. Our processes can be used to create detailed, high-contrast images on nearly any material imaginable. For part identifications, serialization and 2d code marking, part traceability or the permanent labeling of products, there is no better choice than E-mart Lahore for your laser marking and laser engraving requirements.

To achieve the tight tolerance engraving results that has made E-mart Lahore! Laser process a critical part of manufacturing for such a diverse range of materials the laser parameters are tuned based on our extensive knowledge and experience. A variety of target materials can be engraved or laser marked using this process. In some cases, lasers are used to simply remove plating or anodizing, revealing a substrate just beneath the surface of the target material.

It is also possible to change the color rather than etching into the surface of the target material. When a high-contrast mark with little or no depth is needed for product branding or marking, E-mart Lahore is here to work with you to provide a solution for your laser marking needs.




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