Wall Mounted Ladder Shelves


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Wall Mounted Ladder Shaped Shelves with Multiple Storage Options According to the Requirement


Wall mounted shelves are super popular nowadays, and many designers create fantastic items in storage shelves with such patterns. They can be used both in retro and very modern interiors depending on the shapes and looks, and today we are going to inspire you with cool Ladder Shaped shelves that will not only store everything you need but also make a fashionable statement in the space. The idea is pretty simple: choose the shape and the material you like and go creating! Placing at the center of wall, corners or amuse your kids interior – everything is up to you and your skills, get inspired!Made With High Durable Quality Material

  • Product Dimension:-
  • Large Box
  • Small Boxes :
  • Made With High Durable Material Gives You Assurance Of Stability Of Item
  • Great furniture for home decor, office and dorm, decorative
  • Price Mentioned is for just one shelf


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